14 Midweek Reminders For Writers Who Haven’t Taken a Break In a While

I take weekends off. The rest helps me to come back strong.

Meg Dowell Writes

1. You aren’t going to want to listen to this advice. Maybe it’s because you’re afraid of losing your momentum, or that you will never start again once you stop. Whatever your reason, know this: There are no true rewards for pushing yourself so hard you break. No one who wants you to succeed wants to see you broken.

2. A break doesn’t have to last long. It can be an hour, an afternoon, a day. Sometimes people take weekends off, or the occasional Sunday. Sometimes week long vacations suffice. The length of your break is really up to you, and really depends on what you prefer, what you can afford, and what you can personally handle.

3. You should take a break even if you don’t feel like you “need” to take a break. If we are talking about burnout here, the most dangerous part about the condition for…

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