My Birthday is on a Stupid Tuesday

Like you’re outlook, Joey! A great way to approach life! Happy late b-day!


But it wasn’t all stupid.

It was 55 and rainy.

The photo prompt was my favorite color.

thanks, maman

My bosses brought me lunch. Buffalo turkey poutine.

it was delicious

My mother sent me flowers.

My husband offered to take me to dinner, but I was too full from lunch, so he brought me this coffee instead.

venti caramel brulee latte

Took my annual progression selfie.

this is 46. dirty hair, clean face, mascara, no filter

For some reason, there’s been a big to-do about photos from ten years ago v now, so I pulled mine together for this occasion.

2009 v 2019

Do we all want me to get highlights again? I think we do. The gray just isn’t as bright and sunny. Yet.

A reminder, it’s not sunburn, it’s rosacea. We lives with it. It prefers Indiana winters to Georgia summers, same as me.

The 2009 me isn’t…

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