Fate of the Self-Righteous

Good to focus on.

Legends of Windemere

Much of the self-righteous character depends on the landing.  You can have them be a jerk for the entire story and then redeem them with a good ending.  I don’t mean good as in happy, but a well-written one.  There are various ways to go here, but it all depends on the build-up and author.  So, I’m only going to present a general overview of possibilities:

Stays the Same

Let’s get the highest risk one out of the way.  It’s entirely possible that the self-righteous character goes through the entire adventure only to retain their beliefs.  This is possible if their beliefs are solid or something happens to make them think they are always on the right path.  Unfortunately, the arrogance and chance of them irritating the reader makes this ending a major challenge.  Nobody wants the jerk to remain a jerk, so you would need to evolve them in…

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