There Is No Time For ‘Someday’

I spent ages letting fear hold me back. The echoes of my abusive past was just too much to get past until 2009.

Meg Dowell Writes

For a long time, I have had a list of goals in mind that I have actively avoided pursuing.

I do not like admitting this. Not as someone who spends a significant portion of every week telling strangers that they should do things that scare them and create things that challenge them. That they should stretch themselves and not let the world stand in their way.

But part of my brand is that I remain honest — about writing, about productivity, about being a creator and everything that comes along with that. So this is me being one hundred percent honest. There are things I really, really want to do. And I am terrified.

Here’s the thing about goals and ambitions and accomplishing what you want to accomplish: You have to do the things even when the things are not going to be easy to do.

I am still learning…

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