Writerly Things 12/16/19: Goals for the New Year with YA work Traci Kenworth

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

Writerly Things 12/16/19: Goals for New Year with YA

Traci Kenworth

Have you set goals for the new year yet? I find them a helpful guide throughout the journey.

  1. Editing: I’m editing two YA books at the moment. One has to do with biblical times around the year David was king. The second is set in another world and has a girl pitted against her father to save the world. It’s going slow on my part, not only due to holidays right now but I’ve been short on time lately. I hope to correct that in the future. Part of that was getting a new website up and stressing on bringing others in to view it. It’s going slow but good in the rankings.
  2. Writing: I’ve got various ideas floating through my head on what to do next, but I think it’s going to be the Academy series that is just pulling at me so strong. It’s been with me about a year-and-a-half now. It’s going to be a fun mirror-world and I can’t wait to get started on it! Of course, editing must come first so this will be delved into asap.
  3. Website: TraciKenworthdotcom is growing nicely for me. I have plans to do more writing-related articles and mix-up some fun if all goes well. I hope to gain more followers and better still in the rankings. I’m bringing in between 1-2k visitors each month so that makes me feel I’m helping others in some way. I had to cut back to three links for LoletaAbidotwordpressdotcom and five links for this site to get things more manageable with everything else going on.
  4. Reading: I will continue to read in and out of my genres and age-groups. I want to eventually bring more MG in as that’s another area in the future I’d like to focus on but there’s time. Loads of time. Or at least, I hope. I’ve been enjoying a lot of YA Fantasy and YA Horror this year. I’ve expanded into some adult stuff, but I find that takes ages longer to finish as the sheer size of the volumes of some authors. I much prefer the leaner size of YA genres. I mean, they might run a little over but not thousands of pages over. It’s daunting to even read some of these larger books, but I do love the authors so will continue to try and get through them.
  5. Exercise. Something very important for all authors. I hope to figure out what to do as far as a gym membership. I don’t know how I’ll feel working out in public (as an introvert who tends to hide at home, lol) but I’m going to try. Maybe the camaraderie will help me focus and get there more often. I just have to figure which gym my insurance accepts. Also have to get the kids into this. My daughter has a fitness card, but my son needs one as well. He is disabled and I have to get him signed back up for SSI so that he might be able to join a gym.
  6. Finances.  A big goal of mine is to pay off some debt this year and work toward having a savings plan. Too long I’ve been winging it, living paycheck-to-paycheck and doing what I could to get us through. I need to have a better strategy. I’ve been paying down some bills this year and hope to do more as I said. Saving is going to be hard as we always seem to run into something that needs fixed.
  7. Craft: I’m going to focus on bringing the parts of a novel together. All the plot points. The character arcs. Setting as part of the characters. Worldbuilding and much more. I want to make our books/stories as seamlessly as possible and doing these things will help that. I want to invest or read more craft books, take courses, maybe save for a writing con or two. All these efforts will help me in the long run, I’m sure.
  8. Short Stories. I’m going to continue to study them and practice, practice, practice. I feel I’m getting better but then I need to sell more to build more confidence. I’m getting nice notes from editors now that lead me to believe I’m getting closer with some of the magazines. I’m working with a mentor to help me realize what goes into a story and how to build a better one. It does have to do with emotions but all the parts that go into it matter as well. You have to have a story that relates to your audience is some way, even if it’s only deep down.
  9. Poetry. I’m having fun with these and I’ve been submitting some. I haven’t tried sending the haikus I’m learning about yet but maybe soon. Baby steps, lol. Colleen Chesbro’s weekly challenges have really inspired me and brought me back to a part of my life I missed. I stopped writing poetry when I was overwhelmed by the darkness. It took so long to crawl out of that, that I lost the inspiration inside me. I didn’t want to do the feels. That’s slowly changing. I’m relieved and excited about that. I don’t want to feel like a zombie all the time. I want to break out and find my voice and way.
  10. Working with Others. I’m hoping to get my old critique group back together. I’ve missed us. I know our leader has as well. We all kind of went our separate ways last year. I’d like to see most of us come back stronger than ever. Sure, we’ve lost some time, changed a bit but we did such great work together. These ladies taught me a lot and if nothing else, I hope to teach others what I’ve learned or am learning. I pray every day for these ladies and their families. They’re more than cps. They’re friends. Family.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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