Every Story’s Ending Is Just a New Beginning

I like to think of sending my characters are a journey and then they get to rest and respite in the end, hopefully.

Meg Dowell

It’s kind of freaking me out how many things I like are ending in the next two weeks.

There are multiple podcasts I love that are releasing their final episodes by the end of 2019. And possibly the most important movie of the decade is “ending” the Star Wars Skywalker saga the day this post will go live (I will have already seen it by the time you are reading this, and will likely still be a puddle of emotions on the floor of the movie theater).

I have often joked that I don’t always like to finish things because endings are hard and I am no good at goodbyes. But I joke because it’s the truth. Most endings are bittersweet, though some are delightful in certain contexts, while others are wholly devastating in every possible way.

Whether it’s the end of a story or a chapter in your life…

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