12 Things For Writers to Remember If This Year Didn’t Go the Way You Planned

Some things to remember! Don’t give up! Keep the faith!

Meg Dowell Writes

1. It can take a long time to figure out when and how you accomplish your best work. So it’s not completely your fault if you struggled to figure out how to fit writing into your schedule on a regular basis this year. This is majorly about trial and error. You have to do what you think might work, and re-evaluate if it doesn’t. This is the way of the writer.

2. Sometimes life does you dirty and there’s no way to undo that. While you can’t always have your mind hovering over the worst possible outcome of everything, you do have to have realistic expectations when it comes to the way life sometimes just … happens. There will be times you have to shift your priorities and writing won’t get to rest comfortably at the top. Speaking of which …

3. Writing won’t always get to be your number…

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