Cusp of the Moon: young lion…

Such great stories!

France & Vincent

HM15 079


…It was not long before Aggafdu, Prince of Annwn, got to hear about the marvellous sun shoes of Sow Hill:

            “You must bring me a pair of blue and gold shoes from the master cobblers of Sow Hill,” he said to his henchmen, Ma-Mull and Mu-Mall.

            So off the two henchman sailed to Sow Hill, with their Lord’s shoe size to hand, and with their brawn set to persuade the master cobblers of that region to cobble shoes for their Lord, Aggafdu, Prince of Annwn…

            …“Why certainly,” said Greidyawl-the-Wise taking the measurements from them, “that will be no trouble at all,” and he cobbled a pair of shoes too big for Aggafdu.

“But these shoes are too big!” said Aggafdu, when Ma-Mull  and Mu-Mall returned to his castle. “The price of them to the master cobblers of Sow Hill, none the less, but when you return…

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