Thursday – A Little Personal – Cold Again

I don’t blame them! Snow and ice storm for two nights here and tonight there’s a snowstorm, lol. Definitely, February!

Fiction Favorites

Lucy and Twiggy

“So what, are we doing out here, Lucy?”

“I thought we were going to play ball.”

Lucy and Twiggy

“I think I can see my breath.”

“I don’t doubt it, Little One. I’m calling mom.”

Lucy and Twiggy

“What is taking so long? I swear it is freezing out here.”

“I’m not sure. It’s like we have been abandoned.”

Lucy and Twiggy

“Okay, you two, you are inside now. What is the big feal?”

“Exactly what is the temperature out there?”

Lucy and Twiggy

“Let’s see. Looks like 41 degrees with a high today of 42 and a low of 30 degrees.”

“Man, oh, man. And we short hairs are supposed to play ball out there?”

Lucy and Twiggy

Not me. This is more like it.”

“Yeah, I’m heading to my bed.”

Lucy and Twiggy

“You in your bed, Little one?”


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