Writerly Things 2/23/2020: Editing Lists Traci Kenworth

Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay

Writerly Things 2/24/2020: Editing Lists

Traci Kenworth

After you make it through the first couple months of a new year (or decade), you start to lose track of your intentions for the year if you’re like me. It’s rush, rush to get through the holidays and then you begin to realize HOW many holidays there are when you have a website on recipes, lol. I needed to step back and take a look at things. Once again.

It’s Almost March. March!

Can you believe it? Where has time gone? Another race down the water hole, I guess. I’ve been so busy with dr. apts. the last few months< I neglected to take stock of how things were going. I’m back to editing now. But my lists of things to do seem to get longer and longer each day. The madness has began and I’ve begun to panic! Breathe. Breathe.

I need to remember my priorities. My deadlines. My editing. My stories. My family. Friends. Blogs. Life. Not necessarily in that order. Now, I know it all slips off-track for most of us for a while. The trick is getting it back under control. I fully intend to minimize the number of dr. apts. if I can help it. Although right now, I have to bide my time.

Blogs Need Maintenance as Do Stories.

Sometimes, one or the other has to take priority. A lot of times when I’m short on a blog, it’s because I’m working on my stories or editing. I AM a writer, after all therefore, I should spend some time writing. In the midst of it, I know the blogs sometimes suffer but I do my best to make it up the next week. I’m sure you all know what I mean if you’re writers. Or artists. Or doing blogging of any type along with another craft. If an artist didn’t spend time at his or her kiln, beautiful pieces would not be made.

If a quilter ignored their creation, they’d have nothing to show for their efforts. All of this is why most people we know think we sit at home, on the couch, eating cheesecake. Nope. Far from the daydream. Instead, our butt is to the grindstone, pounding out stories on the keys. My daughter draws in her spare time. She had a new cartoon go up over at https://www.adashofseasons.com called Retribution. It’s doing really well. She, too, has to prioritize. She works a forty-hour week so she, like many of you, is not always available to do what she WANTS. Instead, she has to focus on what she HAS to do to help support us.

So, Thoughts Tuned to What Needs Done.

A whole heck of a lot! I don’t know how or where I find the time to squeeze it all in. I mean, I’m given the same 24-hours that everyone else has. Do I use it better? Not always. There are days I’m efficient and days I downright suck. I imagine it’s the same for most of us. We do what we can. No guilt. Or at least, don’t pay attention to the guilt. It’s meant to derail us. Don’t let it.  Pick yourself up and get back out there. Take up the chant. Grab your seat or if you have one of those desks where you stand or run, do that. You can always, always begin again. It’s never too late. Unless you quit. Even then, if you come back at it late, you can still make progress. So, don’t get disheartened. Cheer up. Hugs. There’s the weekend ahead and a brand-new week to start ahead of us. So good luck!

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