#RRBC #BookReviews – Mountain Justice and Metal Caste: Short Story

It sounds like a good story, Robbie. I’m afraid for me though, it would set off too many triggers. But these are important stories to be told and read. I encourage everyone to pick this up!

Book reviews

Mountain Justice by Karen Black

My review

Mountain Justice is an intense and short read about a woman who is the victim of horrific physical and mental abuse by her husband. Anne is six months pregnant when her savage and mentally unstable husband beats her nearly to death because he thought she looked at another man with interest. Annie is discovered, beaten and bleeding, by her old school friend, veterinarian, Rob, who also helps her care for her horse, Czar. Due to his early intervention, Annie lives, although she loses her baby, and returns to live on the farm, which is actually hers. Her husband, George, is sent to prison for five years.

During this five year period, Annie continues her life on the farm while George nurses his hatred for her from afar. He blames her for his imprisonment and vows to punish her. At the end of the…

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