Today’s Shot 83 #Haibun


Pilgrimage Studio

Peek-a-Boo! Love, Peanut Peek-a-Boo! Love, Peanut

First mistake?

I was looking at Haibun examples.

Investigation yielded, what has become, my new word: perplextigation.

There are so many different ways of writing Haibun, which I’ve never written before. Some have short lines and others have paragraphs. It’s a bit confusing but I believe this is some form of it… or not even close!

To perplextigation!


Snuggled, warm she peeks from the shelter of contentment, peace found in the timeworn cocoon of blanket and child. The most frayed of symbols offers endless moments of the assured, inner-state of wellbeing…

Amenity, soft

Hugs within gentle folds, soothed

Her weathered abode

Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 168 #Synonyms Only

The two words selected by Ruth Scribbles are: Comfort and Worn

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Shot 83 #Haibun

  1. Thank you for sharing this Traci! I have trouble finding the right link sometimes where I can like and comment. It boots me off when I try and I have to backtrack until I’m on the right place to be able to. Frustrating but that is why it takes me so long.

    Congratulations to you!! 🎊 😊👏

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