In Their Eyes

It’s a scary time for sure.

Charmed Chaos

“Fear is the mind-killer.”―Frank Herbert ,Dune

Standing in line at the grocery store:
A woman in front of me buying 30 lbs of apples
20 lbs of onions and 2 dozen donuts- why?
All I can surmise is the apples are for horses she owns,
But as far as the onions and donuts, I will never know
A young guy behind me, single for sure-
with a cart full of dried pasta, jarred sauce
frozen meals, and one lonely container of chicken broth
A cashier working through a long line tells someone
We have a limit on the number of rolls of toilet paper
and hand sanitizer you can buy
There is a look of panic in everyone’s eyes
And the world has suddenly become much smaller.

I put my paltry 6 items on the counter,
and wait my turn
Then I go home
sit and watch a…

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