Writerly Things 3/23/2020: A Glimpse of the Normal Traci Kenworth

Image by Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay

Writerly Things 3/23/2020: A Glimpse of the Normal

Traci Kenworth

Today, while out and about, I caught a glimpse of the normal. At least, what normal used to be. People being sensible with their grocery shopping. Their carts not overflowed. Their attitudes not belligerent and cross. They seemed as though they were hitting their stride in the new reality.

Grocery Shopping.

Of course, while grocery shopping hasn’t returned to its pre-crisis levels, I did see more items stocked on the shelves. We were able to manage to get toilet paper, water, and meat. Something we previously weren’t able to find. I still haven’t been able to locate the kind of cat food my cats like, but they still have some for now. I was able to get a few veggies as well. I felt a sense of relief and encouragement from today’s shopping as I’m sure others did as well. Soap is still a hard find as well. Luckily, we got a few before everything flipped topsy-turvy.

Bills Still Arrive as Usual.

No slow in their pace despite the craziness and the uncertainty. I see some places are saying they won’t shut customers off right now with the mess if they can’t pay their bills. I’m not quite sure they won’t do a hike in the payments though afterwards. And who’s to say mortgages are going to be fair afterward? I know some countries have postponed payments. Still haven’t heard this in U.S. but it’d be nice. Especially if more layoffs occur.

Thankfully, there’s a Trickle of Money Coming in, Not Enough to Pay All the Bills Though.

We’re working to keep what we can taken care of. My ex stopped paying support last month not sure if because of the coronavirus or he’s injured or laid-off. I still have to talk to Job & Family Services and see if they can look into such. Last time, he stopped paying for a year. It was longer in the years before that. It’s part of the obstacles of life. Dive from one bill to another, hoping to keep ahead. I’d hoped to be able to do some work on the house this year, but these hazards will make my credit tank just when it was coasting upward. It aggravates me that someone else can sink my credit just like that.

Monetizing Sites.

This is why I hoped to monetize my sites and have that form of payment coming in as it would help us not to have to depend on his income so much. But alas, it’s slow going there too. I don’t even know if I reached my three qualifying buys for Amazon yet. I know I have at least two. It’s like trying to blow smoke into flames, slow, slow-going. I sold $21 on one Affiliate, but you have to reach $300 before they pay out. That’s going to be a long-time coming, lol. I sold 9 cents on another site. Still another, I made $1.10.


 They were one of the last members of the family I saw people buying food for and now their shelves are pulverized. I managed to snag some litter today. My son said he saw a warning to keep your cats inside as they were bad for the eco-layer. He said they said that cats kill more prey than bears and wildcats combined. That’s hard to believe. I don’t let our cats out anyway. A couple years ago, we had a couple cats die due to some stuff the one neighbor used on their lawn beds. We had almost lost a third to the same substance but got the last to the vet in time. The others lasted mere hours.

I See More Cheer on Faces.

I think now that people are getting the items they need and the store doesn’t have all bare shelves anymore, things are starting to settle down. Smiles are starting to come back out. Pleasantness is noticeable. Days ago, everyone was rude and liable to cuss. Even drivers are starting to behave better as if they realize too that it does no good to rush, we’ll all get their sooner or later.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

Some craft books if you’re of mind: one, two, three.

Books in YA: one, two.

Books horror: one.

6 thoughts on “Writerly Things 3/23/2020: A Glimpse of the Normal Traci Kenworth

  1. Glad things are starting to settle down in your part of the world. Here in Australia we’re still trying to get our heads around this pandemic. Or should I say the govt is. Those of us in the ‘at risk’ group have been worried since January. Here’s hoping that the new normal includes a heightened awareness of what is really important – lives. Take care. 🙂

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    1. You too, Meeka. We start lockdown tonight after midnight until Apr. 6th if not longer. I still have to take my daughter to work as she’s an essential and go to drs. and pharmacy.


  2. I am glad to know things are starting to settle in your part of the world, Traci. We are still far off that, but the panic buying here is less anyway because people don’t have the money to do it. I did expect that what you are describing would happen and I am glad I was right.

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    1. Yeah, I think people are either running low on money or they don’t have places to store stuff. There are a lot of boo-hoo buyers who bought 17k of sanitizer or toilet paper and have no where to re-sell it. I don’t feel sorry for them, they forced others to go without because of their greed. We are, however, on lockdown beginning tonight at midnight until Apr. 6th. Hugs. And good luck, Robbie, on your end.

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