Writerly Things 4/6/2020: Writing & Confinement Traci Kenworth

Image by Mircea Iancu from Pixabay

Writerly Things 4/6/2020: Confinement and the Writer

Traci Kenworth

We spend so much time practicing our craft, when we look up days could’ve gone by. If we’re not interacting with a spouse or kids even longer. So why is the confinement to our homes bothering us so much?

When We’re Forced to do Something.

Put simply, we resist. We start getting the itch to get outdoors, to see someone. We want to spend time with our friends or extended family. We go out of our way to talk to neighbors even over the smallest thing. Yeah, confinement has the opposite effect of what our officials are trying to do. It makes us want to get out more.

So how do We Combat the Rebellion?

First, we stop looking at our circumstances as imprisonment. We are with family. Maybe we didn’t spend so much time together before the shelter went into place but now’s our chance to rectify that. Get to know one another again. Play some games. Watch some TV together. Listen to some music. Compare notes to how things are now to when they were children to when you were children. Get everyone involved in the discussion. Ask grandparents to tell their stories. It’ll set off a chain reaction of interest and research.

Maybe you didn’t know much about WWII. Listen to what happened to your elders. Again, research. Learn as much as you can. Regroup and inform others what you’ve learned. Try to find documentaries or movies on such. Feed your mind further by reading about the subject. Everything can be a learning project.

Discover Where You Came From.

Research family roots. Make it a family project. Divide up ancestors and see what each can learn about theirs. Bring the info together, study it. Decide what fits and what might not apply. Don’t be too hasty to discard a fact though, just like a puzzle, you might find the piece fits later down the line. Start a chart. Record from your immediate family members back to as far as you can. Do you know about one branch of family more than others? Make a priority to learn something new about the forgotten side.

Call other family members up or visit on the pc or a smartphone. Talk to them about growing up, what they remember. The more details you can put to each family member the better. Some families kept Bibles. In them, they recorded family history. Ask if anyone has them. If you could get a peek inside one, it could save you years of research.

What About the Younger Generation?

Do you know your children’s favorite song? Band? Movie? And so on? Do they like anything beyond sports, band, the theater? Are they maybe into the high school newsletter? Makeup? Fashion? Creative writing? Have you spent time talking to them about what they’re into? Now’s the perfect time to open up a channel that might not happen again in today’s busy lives. Listen to what they’re doing. Where they want to go.

Help them dig into info on the subjects dear to their hearts. They’ll remember in later years that you were willing to try to see their viewpoint. Don’t judge them or try to change their minds. Just let them go and discover what they will about it. If they fail, they’ll learn there’s something better out there then what they thought. And they won’t look back with hurt that you didn’t care enough to allow them to try.

I get it. Parents want to keep their kids from getting hurt. But controlling them isn’t the way to do it. You have to let them go and experience what they will in life. They’ll respect you for it. Come back to you for advice. Listen to what you have to say on a subject. All because you took the time and didn’t push. Open up a conversation today. You won’t regret it. Take care and God bless.

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