Writerly Things 4/26/2020: Venturing Out Traci Kenworth

Image by Mammiya from Pixabay

Writerly Things 4/27/2020: Venturing Out

Traci Kenworth

How many of you have started to view masks as the normal wear when out and about? It’s strange how it’s gone from weird to just another part of the day. How will we be changed for the better and worse when this is all over?

What’s the Newest Item in Your Life?

Mine is a cellphone from Sprint. I wasn’t planning on one, but I was looking at them for my daughter and came home with one for each of us. I hope to add my son to those in the future. I never thought I’d be texting (not while driving) and learning the different buttons on the keyboard. It takes some getting used to. Even now, I haven’t used it all that much, but I wanted one for emergencies and for those times I need to have a question answered by a loved one while out.

I used to glance at those going through the store with a cellphone in hand and wonder why they couldn’t wait to ask a question till they were home. Now, I get it. Do we need a gallon of milk? How are we on bread? And with the crisis times: this is what they have available. What should I choose? It’s easier to ask picky eaters than to waste food.

Still, I didn’t see myself as part of the cellphone crowd. Until recently. Now, I find it essential.

Being Labeled Essential or Non-Essential.

It’s a tough roll call for folks. How can I say to someone: what you do doesn’t matter? Stay home. Since the virus happened though that’s been happening to a lot of folks. Some factories have switched what they’re making. Still with all those making ventilators, why are we still behind? Shouldn’t our hospitals be bursting with sanitizers and equipment they need?

Sadly, no. People are dying. Because there are no hospitals to take them to. Or no equipment to help them. Maybe there’s even fear in a person to not ask for help until it’s too late. Hey, this business has all turned us inside out. Now animals are getting COVID-19. Where will it end?

Will More Panic Turn Us On Each Other?

When will neighbor start calling on neighbor? Maybe they’re ticked at a bush in your yard that obscures their view. They might not like your dog treading on their lawn. Have they always envied you your fruit trees? China used others to spy on one another. Why wouldn’t it happen elsewhere?

It’s a scary thought that we might not be able to trust those we live beside. Will that policeman sent to investigate even listen to your side? Whose rights are more important? The few or the majority? It would seem the few have called the shots in the recent days as democratic states are being targeted by Trumpers Forever. I find it sad that a president would stir others to violence and protest with his tweets. Should he even be allowed in office? It’s eerie to hear his own words echo from loved ones as well. That our freedom is being crushed. Um, excuse me? This virus is serious business. Not a ploy to steal our rights from citizens.

What the Future Holds.

I’m not going to make predictions here. I only mean to say, I hope as a nation, we do not fall or lose our way. If we can get past the North versus the South, surely, we can find a way past all this unrest. Sometimes, I wish I could stay inside and never venture out but there are things that must be done. Mail to be checked. Groceries to buy. Prescriptions to pick up. We need to somehow find our way back together again. We had disagreements in the past, yes, but we stood together on important matters. As long as there are politicians, they will be strife. We need to remember it’s the common people who hold the weight of a country and elect leaders who include us all not just the minority.

What am I saying? I guess don’t lose sight of our common ground. Our loved ones and what’s best for them. All our votes matter not one more than another. Have a great week, take care, and God bless.

Book offerings: Knock, Knock, It’s Going to Be Okay, Where the Crawdad’s Sing, My First Learn to Write Workbook, Relationship Goals. Magazines: the Handyman, do it yourself, Real Simple.

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