Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Italian Cookery with Silvia Todesco – Italian tomatoes sauce: the truth about “Marinara”

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Welcome to the Italian Cookery column with Silvia Todesco, and this month one of the classic Italian sauces that always tastes so much better when cooked from scratch instead of out of a jar.

Italian tomatoes sauce: the truth about “Marinara”

Tomatoes sauce is one of the main popular Italian’s “food” all around the world. And I believe the reason of that is because you can use the “Italian Tomatoes sauce” as important ingredients to make many Italian recipes, as for Italian Spaghetti, Italian Cannelloni, Italian Parmigiana, Tomatoes and Salsiccia sauce pasta, Amatriciana , Italian Meatballs, pasta alla pizzaiola, and so on.

The curious thing about Italian tomatoes sauce is that it is not a simple tomatoes puree, but there is a precise method to make it, that of course can slightly change from family to family (for example some Italians use sugar in their tomatoes sauce), but that…

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