Writerly Things 6/8/2020: Your Hand Upon This Door Traci Kenworth

Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

Writerly Things 6/8/2020: Your Hand Upon This Door

Traci Kenworth

Since I was young, I’ve always had the vision of the world’s people as one. That’s why I try to write stories with diverse populations. We can always walk toward a better world, a better option. Peace for women and men. Since the beginning of time, we’ve always fought against some authority. At times we were wrong. Others, we were right. Some fell along the way, others rose up. We fought against injustice, crimes, and let’s face it, brokenness.

Today’s world is no different. There are bullies. Heroes. And those just trying to survive. Only the bullies and heroes tend to get mentioned. Regular folks just live their lives. Pushing through the heartbreak, horror, and insignificance that we often find from those with power and wealth. There are amazing people out there who’ve faced death, destruction, and personal attacks and find a way to come back from that.

Should we turn our heads aside? Ignore what has been done? Courts were supposed to give us a fair chance to tell our side but that doesn’t always happen. The poor can’t afford very good attorneys. And those in power know it. They depend on it. It is their way of keeping the match burning. We die out and another generation comes of age to take on what has gone before. Except the cycle repeats.

We need to listen to the anguish, the pleading for a better way of life. We need to stand together and not allow our voices to thin out.

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