Writerly Things 7/6/2020 Traci Kenworth

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Writerly Things 7/6/2020: What Makes a Good Post

Traci Kenworth

What goes into writing a hopefully “good” post? Luck? Sure. Thought? Yes. Research? Maybe. A lot of times though, most topics have been covered relentlessly. Bringing something fresh into the mix helps. There are those that follow prompts for what to write for their blog posts. Is this wrong? Nope. Whatever helps. The key is that new approach.


There have been many posts written about them. The thoughts that go into them. How to describe their appearance. How to find their weaknesses and strengths. Matching them with another character. What makes a hero? What makes a villain? Who makes the best protagonist? Not necessarily the hero.

Their backgrounds. There lie. The root of their problems. What will pull them out of their hole. Many things can be written about characters. Who they are. What makes them go out of their comfort zone. What scares them. What brings them closer together.


Another vast subject. What makes a good plot? What makes a bad one? How to stir clear of the ruts. Ways to climb the mountains. Coasting down into the valley. The story has to be about something. Yes, someone. But we need to dig until we find what they want and what will prevent them from getting it. Then we need to expand that to discover given the genre, what can I do with this problem?

In horror, for instance, you may want to focus on a character who winds up on a camping trip with a bunch of friends. Maybe there’s a monster. Maybe there’s not. Maybe it’s one of them. Or several of them. Or someone totally new to the story. Of course, you should have planted little pieces of this throughout your book just so the readers not caught totally unaware.

The Basics.

Grammar and punctuation are necessary to learn and re-study often. Readers get frustrated and drawn out of the story if they’re irritated by spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Besides, you ARE a writer. Shouldn’t you know about your craft? It’s not just for high school anymore. It’s the tools you use to build your book.

You’d want your roofer to know something about roofs, wouldn’t you? How else is he going to know how to lay all the material to support your roof and keep it in shape for years to come? Writing might not be building a roof but you do need to consider the framework of your story to build a solid foundation.


A very important ingredient for writers. Reading gives us an insight into how other writers have navigated their stories. They teach us without even realizing it. It starts with imitating your favorite authors. Then you pick the stories apart to discover what you can about them.

Reading consistently and varying what you do read helps to broaden our writing. It teaches us what we like and don’t like. We learn to expand our horizons. It takes us places. Shows us people we’ve never seen before. Maybe even those we don’t want to see.

So Many Other Topics.

Blog posts can be about anything. Mine happen to center on writing because that’s what I do. You could write a travel blog. Photography. Explore visiting places around you. TV. Movies. Animals. The list goes on and on.

Investigate something. Find something that interests you and tackle it with zest. We don’t have to all be the same. Our hobbies are different. Our experiences as well. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t read each other’s blogs when they’re posted. It’ll give us something to learn about and maybe draw us to a new interest.

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