#Haikai Challenge #152 (8/16/20): katydid (kirigirisu), A #Haiku Sequence

Another poetry challenge! This one a haikai.

🍂Word Craft: Prose & Poetry🍂

This week, Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenges asks us to write a haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that alludes to the katydid (kirigirisu).

Here’s how the challenge works:

1. write the haikai poem of your choice.
2. post the link of your post to Mister Linky.
3. pingback by posting the link to the challenge on your site.
4. read and comment on other contributors’ posts.

Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

For Frank’s Haikai challenge, I created a haiku sequence dedicated to the katydid, an insect we don’t have here in the Sonoran desert of Arizona.

summer's soothsayerpromises changes to comegrass green leaves singsongneath the white moon orbacacia trees sway in rhythmkatydid dinnertwilight winds scour leavesdeath song harmonies uniteas summer sounds fade

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

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