Love’s bane #Haibun

This is awesome, Jude! Love the spooky feel.

tales told different

Colleen’s weekly challenge.

Love’s bane.

If you have to look, you will
never see
If you have seen, you need only to look.

Dark sinister night
Bullfrogs croak and crickets chirp
Prequels to silence

Your heartbeat flutters
I can feel it in the dark
My subconscious is attuned to its rhythm
All those nights we’ve lain so close
I’ve felt your heart’s every inflection
Known its needs before you’ve thought them
But not this time

This time your heart beats different
This time we tread an uncharted path
A dark way moist with fear
There is no compass to point us north
No map through spiteful contours
There is only a feeling!
Deadly and foreboding!

I’ve always known your heartbeat,
Understood it,
But now there’s something else
An eerie presence lurking in these stygian shadows
A beast stalking our every move
Dread brewing in its wake
And I…

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