The Sunshine Blogger Award

With apologies to Jessica, I wasn’t sure which picture was for the blogger award, so I improvised and chose something that always makes the sun shine for me. Jessica nominated me for this award and her blog is at:   Here are the answers to her questions: What animal are you and why? Oh, this […]

Reading Links…9/8/16

Reading Links…9/8/16 Traci Kenworth   Romance/Women’s Fiction: Parent Pact is free!! And other releases. Selections from Joanne Rock, Nicole Helms, Emilie Rose, and Cindy Miles.   Christian: End of times.   Historicals:   Fantasy/Time-Travel/Steampunk/Paranormal/SF: Essential reading. A prequel to The Dark Skies series. 13 Folktales. A prequel to […]


Doorways Traci Kenworth   The world of fantasy invites us through doorways. Just a glimpse beyond the ordinary, the delicate flowers, the enchanting water, the castle towers. It’s the awe, the wonder that draws us into these stories. The need to find out who or what walks these forests, touches the ocean, breathes upon this […]