Reading Links 5/23/17

Reading Links…5/23/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Moving up! Can he figure out how to control the id? A unique and twisted story. A short fantasy about a shy little girl and her grandfather. If you were sent a thousand years into the past, would you survive? Privacy is extinct. […]

Reading Links 5/16/17

Reading Links 5 16 17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: A collection of short speculative stories. A fable collection of man’s edification with nature with examples. Dark times have arrived for the champions. Pirates, plagiarists, monsters, heroes, and villains. A scary look at the what if of the near future. […]

Reading Links 5/9/17

Reading Links…5/11/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Asimov’s and others. Soul renting. Out from DAW. Which one will she choose? Some diverse authors. What will the transition bring? Will he be able to acquire the rare toy? Could his mission change the course of WWII. Two […]

Book Talk 5/7/17

  Book Talk 5/5/17 Traci Kenworth   Nothing this week. I’m currently reading Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, Joanna Penn’s How to Make a Living Writing, a collection of dark stories, Sara Wolf’s Remember Me Forever, and a few others.

Reading Links 5/2/17

Reading Links…5/2/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Voice is the reason to read this series. Familiar characters and fantastic plot. Some recommendations in the science fiction and fantasy realm. Some goodies from Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Not too weak, not all badass. Well-rounded. The fourth Patternist novel.   MG/YA: Some […]