Reading Links…1/31/17

Reading Links…2/1/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: The story of a Peacekeeper of the Fire Element who patrols the city of Optor for the Orthodoxy. Athson has his hands full. Two people trying to survive. Dwarves and a rooster, what’s not to love? Haunted by the past. Hunted by the present. […]

Writing Links in the 3s and 6…1/30/17

Writer’s Links in the 3s and 6…1/30/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Sometimes people don’t understand how difficult this writing job is. Where do you get your ideas? Ask Lovecraft, King, and Collins. How does religion affect your character? And more questions.   MG/YA: Submit your final to avoid the agent losing […]

Reading Links…1/247

Reading Links…1/24/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: This is the third and final book in The Sword of Light trilogy.   MG/YA: Girls friendships can be complicated.   Romance/Women’s Fiction: Revolves around football.   Christian:   Historicals: A magician who finds himself working among the criminal elements of 1933 Chicago.   Scary: […]

Writing Links in the 3s and 6…1/23

Writing Links in the 3s and 6…1/23/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: On why getting rest is important for a writer. Why third-person p.o.v is recommended. What rejection can teach us.   MG/YA:   Romance/Women’s Fiction:   Christian: Are writing courses worth it? Everything should spark an idea.   Historicals: […]