Reading Links 6/20/17

Reading Links…6/20/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Third book in the Fitz and the Fool trilogy. A land steeped in a magic long forgotten how to use. Hell hath no fury as a demon caged. Can leadership be good even when claimed wrongly? A war of blades and magic. Three […]

Writing Links 6/19/17

Writing Links…6/19/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Is Beauty and the Beast the best fairytale? I still love Sleeping Beauty. Greatest danger. Do you use Springtime to declutter? Break the project into pieces.   MG/YA: Nominate your MG school. What are you working on? Helping our kids […]

Reading Links 6/13/17

Reading Links…6/13/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Four books to consider. Three books to consider. Solidly written and entertaining. Consistent space opera. Solar Wind series. Book One.   MG/YA: When Hollywood comes to town, it reeks havoc. Twelve-year-old princesses’ journey turns dangerous. In a land of violent […]

Writing Links 6/12/17

Writing Links…6/12/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Country details. Do you start on a new book right away after finishing another? I tend to wait two weeks, by then I’m itching to get going again. Of course, you have to stop writing the second when you get the other back from cps/betas/etc. […]

Reading Links 6/6/17

Reading Links…6/6/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Real historical pirates. Stoker’s influence. A man cursed as a wolf. Book Five of Hellbent. A bundle for a limited time. Some good ones. New story. The Landkist Saga Book Two. Casquette Girls paranormal read. A king gone mad. […]

Writing Links 6/5/17

Writing Links…6/5/17 Traci Kenworth   Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Some fun fan things. David Farland on Honorable Mentions and more. The flying city.   MG/YA: The four differences between YA and Adult category books. Have you been to a convention? Do you need a guide for your MG & YA projects? […]