Biding Your Time

Biding Your Time Traci Kenworth   One skill I’m learning is to keep your attention focused on something other than those requests still out, the query letters you’ve sent. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s downright hard to focus on anything but your email all day long, but you must. There’s no way around it. […]

Starting Again

Starting Again Traci Kenworth   One of the hardest things to do, at first, is to concentrate on another book while the first’s out being subbed. Your attention span is centered on the former to the point of giving you little freeze episodes when you attempt to begin the next. But you have to push […]

Synopsis Stress

Synopsis Stress Traci Kenworth   It’s my least favorite part of querying: the dread synopsis, but I understand why they’re a necessity. It gives the agent a chance to see the broad-strokes of your novel. I start by going through my manuscript and writing a chapter-by-chapter summary. Four or five lines for each are good, […]