Fourth Writer’s Platform Building

Hi!! I’m Traci Kenworth and I write YA Supernatural Horror (the genre not the TV show, although I’m one of it’s absolute biggest fans!!). I love getting to know other people and this platform building idea really encourages inter-action between bloggers of all types. Let’s see. I’m a member of a lovely group of ladies […]

Settings for Horror

Settings for Horror Traci Kenworth   Settings for horror can happen anywhere. From basements to dining rooms, outdoors to in, present day to long ago. But you’re main concern here is what evokes terror for you? I’m talking: heart-pumping, sick to your stomach, ready to crawl through a narrow pipe to escape fear. It has […]

Eek, The Answer to Where I’d Go During Zombie Apocalypse

Eeek…The Answer to Where I’d Go During a Zombie Apocalypse(and Other Little Horrors) Traci Kenworth   Okay, so me and the ladies we’re talking a bit about what we’d do if zombies suddenly occupied the streets. For me, living out in Amish country, I’d be a little late to the news. And I couldn’t rely […]