How to Breathe Life into Your Characters

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters Part 1: What is in a Name? Traci Kenworth   How do you go about naming your characters? Do you just close your eyes, dip your finger onto the page, and choose that one? Or do you meticulously search for one? In any case, the one you end […]

Writer At Work

Writer At Work Traci Kenworth   So what do our days really look like? Where do they take us? Well, for me, it begins after I get the kids off to school. About 7 a.m. if not sooner, I try to be at my computer. I do the email and boards thing first then settle […]


Here it is phrase of the week again for the YAFF Muse Blog: A rock sailed through the broken window, catching a jagged piece of glass and spraying shards…. Birthplace Traci Kenworth A rock sailed through the broken window, catching a jagged piece of glass and spraying shards of the test tubes, Bunson burners, and […]

The Violet Ball

The Violet Ball Traci Kenworth Just where the violet ball came from, nobody knew. It sat there, between the paws of one of the two Bengal Tigers, both of whom looked more white than orange-and-black. Hunter and I worked on the daystaff at the Bringmin Zoo. He grazed my elbow with his own and pointed […]

When to Scrap Your Chapters(and begin Anew)

When to Scrap Your Chapters(and begin again)… Traci Kenworth Recently, this happened to me. I thought my chapters were all set, headed in the right direction. But the comments I got weren’t very encouraging. It was recommended I scrap them and begin anew. All the frustration that settles in at those words can be hard […]

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo…

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo? Traci Kenworth No, I’m not in the market for one, but my characters are. I need something different though. I mean, I know what it looks like, but I’m unsure where to place it. Has the shoulder been done to death in fiction? I can’t say. I just know […]

Why the Reverse Outline Works for Me.

Why the Reverse Outline Works for Me Traci Kenworth With the ending being the first idea I come up with, it gives me focus, a goal to work toward. And I don’t have to know what happens down to the every detail, just a shadow of what is to come works for me. I’m not […]

Why it’s Okay to Cry(alongside your characters)

Why it’s Okay to Cry(along with your Fictional Characters) Traci Kenworth Sometimes I admit it, when I get caught up in a scene: a goodbye, a successful rescue, a happy ending, tears rolls down my cheeks. We’ve all heard of how readers take our characters to heart but do writers do the same? Absolutely. I […]