Writerly Things 12/23/19: Twelve Things to do for Christmas Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 12/23/19: Twelve Things to do for Christmas Traci Kenworth Enjoy yourself Pull your family close Snuggle with your pets Drink a good cup of cocoa Relax by the fire Watch the sunrise And the sunset Take a sleigh ride with horses Dance around the Christmas tree Have a snowball fight, purely for fun […]

Merry Christmas!!

  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!! Hope you all enjoy your celebrations and family gatherings!! I’ll be off the blog until the second week of Jan. too, so Happy New Year’s a bit early!!   Related articles It’s OK to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to anyone you want (kansascity.com)  

The Magic of a New Year

The Magic of New Year’s Traci Kenworth   Soon the clock will tick down to a new year. I love the possibilities that come along with a promise of starting again fresh. We can change our outlook, our lives, our reality with just a few simple decisions. I find it such a magical and powerful […]

Stocking Hung with Cheer

Stockings Hung with Cheer Traci Kenworth   Don’t you just love peeking into stockings on Christmas Day? There’s such a wonder, an excitement of what treasure you might find hiding there, waiting to be discovered. It could be a small gift, such as personalized pens (a favorite of mine) or something larger, such as perfume. […]

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit Traci Kenworth   The stockings are hung, the Christmas tree decorated, and my Nativity set out on its table. Seeing these items brings to mind cherished holidays from years past as well as looking forward to making new memories. I even took pictures on my cellphone, not that I’ve figured out how to […]

Fall Days

Fall Days Traci Kenworth Well, it’s that time of year. When things start to blaze with colors, nature can’t seem to get enough of the different palettes in her paint box. Everywhere you look, animals are busy foraging, getting ready for the season ahead. Sweaters come out, warm drinks ply hands, soups become popular again…ah, […]

AreWriters Born or Made?

Are Writers Born or Made? Traci Kenworth I think the truth is: both. Writers are born with a passion, a creative-streak that manifests in their lives somehow. Art. Music. Acting. These are some other professions that seem to rumble from the soul to the outside at some point. I know that I’ve always had to […]