A germ of an idea…

Developing a germ of an idea… Traci Kenworth   I get most of my ideas from dreams. It’ll start with either the character, the setting, or a snippet of what’s happening in that world. This snippet is called the germinal idea. It’s not yet fleshed out, it hasn’t grown to a premise status, nor is […]

A Twisted World

The picture is from Claire at morquefile. A Twisted World Traci Kenworth   It’d been my dream forever. To view the Eiffel Tower in person. Now, here I was among the busy crowds of romantic souls and tourists. Except I wasn’t really a part of it. I’d been zoomed in from the catalog room to […]

Keep the Faith

Keeping the Faith Traci Kenworth   Recently, I was reminded about the faith it takes to step out into the world and show ourselves for who we are. Where does it come from? What does it take to get us there? I believe that everyone of us possesses a God-given talent. Whether stacking cheerios in […]