Writerly Things 2/23/2020: Editing Lists Traci Kenworth

Writerly Things 2/24/2020: Editing Lists Traci Kenworth After you make it through the first couple months of a new year (or decade), you start to lose track of your intentions for the year if you’re like me. It’s rush, rush to get through the holidays and then you begin to realize HOW many holidays there […]

When it’s Okay

When it’s Okay to be in Love with Your Writing & when it’s not Traci Kenworth   Okay, so you just know you’ve written the one. You’re trembling with excitement, on fire with ambition, ready to shoot past the stars. Hold on there. Have you ran your brilliant creation past your critique groups and beta […]

Writer At Work

Writer At Work Traci Kenworth   So what do our days really look like? Where do they take us? Well, for me, it begins after I get the kids off to school. About 7 a.m. if not sooner, I try to be at my computer. I do the email and boards thing first then settle […]

Three Ways to Check Your Writing

Three Easy Ways to Check Your Writing Traci Kenworth 1. Critiques: This is the all important first step in getting your writing up to professional standards. Why? Because more eyes on the work means that a)you can improve it, b)you’ll have “tested the waters,” and c)you can improve it. Okay, so a and c are […]

When to Scrap Your Chapters(and begin Anew)

When to Scrap Your Chapters(and begin again)… Traci Kenworth Recently, this happened to me. I thought my chapters were all set, headed in the right direction. But the comments I got weren’t very encouraging. It was recommended I scrap them and begin anew. All the frustration that settles in at those words can be hard […]

Let’s Chat for a Bit

Let’s Chat for a Bit (Revisions, Editing, and All That Good Stuff) Traci Kenworth Revisions. A word that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, but oh, so necessary. Why you say? Because editing allows us to tenderize the meat so it satisfies the palate. When I write a book, my first draft tends to […]