How I get Myself Unstuck from a Scene…

How I get Myself Unstuck from a Scene Traci Kenworth   I’ve come up against walls more than a few times when it comes to scenes. There’s a recent one when I needed a character to have certain powers—I just couldn’t figure out what those would be, so I procrastinated about it for days until […]

Get Ready for the Countdown to NanoWriMo!

Get Ready for the Countdown to NanoWriMo! Traci Kenworth   It’s here. That magical time of year when millions of fingers poise over the keyboards, press that pen or pencil to the paper, or whichever method you prefer to pursue NanoWriMo. Nano is a once a year writing challenge to help support those who choose […]

Let Me Look in the Mirror Already!

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters Part II: Let Me See in the Mirror Already!     A character’s looks. How important are they? Some say the less description the better, but I’ve read in an agent’s recent blog(and I concur)that the readers wants to know what your character looks like, warts and all. […]