The Prayer of Jesus by Hank Hanegraaff Book Review

    Book Review: The Prayer of Jesus by Hank Hanegraaff   Traci L. Kenworth       Foreword by Lee Strobel        2001    Word Publishing, a unit of Thomas Nelson   Publishers   Secrets to real intimacy with God       Prayers can be powerful tools in our lives. For me, reading a […]

Keep the Faith

Keeping the Faith Traci Kenworth   Recently, I was reminded about the faith it takes to step out into the world and show ourselves for who we are. Where does it come from? What does it take to get us there? I believe that everyone of us possesses a God-given talent. Whether stacking cheerios in […]

Where I Am

Where I’m At Traci Kenworth   I finished rewriting SH finally, now I’m double-checking words, grammar, and typos. Even with Spell & Grammar on Word, sometimes things are wrong and there’s no reason not to do a hands-on check. Besides which, an agent will thank you for paying attention to details and such. I should […]

Researching Agents

Researching Agents Traci Kenworth   It has been two weeks of research, research, into agents I’d previously had in mind to update information about them, to make sure I have their addresses, emails, names etc. right. This is a very important step as I don’t want to end up with an agent I’m not compatible […]

Life is Fragile Handle with Prayer

Life is Fragile Handle with Prayer Traci Kenworth   Prayers are very important to me. They’re a lifeline in times of despair. I realize not everyone shares my outlook or beliefs, sometimes this blog is written just to remind me of what’s in my heart. I went to a Century Village church growing up. I’m […]

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters Part 1: What is in a Name? Traci Kenworth   How do you go about naming your characters? Do you just close your eyes, dip your finger onto the page, and choose that one? Or do you meticulously search for one? In any case, the one you end […]