Horror Reveal

Horror Reveal Traci Kenworth   Is it better to reveal the monster in the beginning all at once or to show glimpses as you go along? I prefer doing the snaps, the flashes that make the characters wonder: what’s out there? To tease the reader with your monster leads to a build-up that you must […]

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Finding My Way between Genres

  Finding My Way between Genres   Traci Kenworth       I know I’ve said I write scary before, but it occurred to me recently that I also bring in the whole world-building of fantasy as well. I find myself teetering between genres. My stories definitely have all the horror elements but the world […]

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Things That Go Bump in the Night Traci Kenworth   I prefer the word Scary book to Horror. Most likely because most people think of horror as an abomination and although some of the things I write about, no doubt, are, I still prefer to leave the reader with something to think about on a […]

Relationships in Horror

Relationships are Key to Horror Traci Kenworth   For me, when writing horror, the relationships are the key. The ones between your characters and, most importantly, the reader. Because if the reader doesn’t care what happens to them, then the book’s just going to be tossed aside or deteriorate on the shelves. So how do […]

The Helpless Hero or Heroine…

Just a quick note about more changes to my blog. Since I made the last ones in January as I mentioned then, I was going to do some thinking on the state of things here. I love blogging, I do but I’ve come to realize it subtracts from the time I have for my stories […]

Scary…to me

Scary…to Me Traci Kenworth   I considered many ways to write this blog but I couldn’t quite pinpoint what I wanted to say. We can define horror in many ways: evil, savage, beastly, to name a few. The fact of the matter is, the types are endless. When I write scary stories, it’s not to […]


  Beginnings   Traci Kenworth       From a Biblical standpoint, horror entered existence with the story of Cain and Abel. Two brothers. No inherent conflict hinted at until—both made offerings to God. Abel’s was accepted and found good, Cain’s lacking. Why? Because Cain didn’t put his best effort into it. He held back. […]

Kids and Pets in Fiction

Kids and Pets in Fiction Traci Kenworth   Does the same old adage that said of films, “Don’t work with children or pets,” apply to fiction? I know of some people who don’t like children to be included in the stories they read. I think basically because usually they turn into “jeopardy” situations or they’re […]