Things That Go Bump in the Night

Things That Go Bump in the Night Traci Kenworth   I prefer the word Scary book to Horror. Most likely because most people think of horror as an abomination and although some of the things I write about, no doubt, are, I still prefer to leave the reader with something to think about on a […]

Scary…to me

Scary…to Me Traci Kenworth   I considered many ways to write this blog but I couldn’t quite pinpoint what I wanted to say. We can define horror in many ways: evil, savage, beastly, to name a few. The fact of the matter is, the types are endless. When I write scary stories, it’s not to […]


  Beginnings   Traci Kenworth       From a Biblical standpoint, horror entered existence with the story of Cain and Abel. Two brothers. No inherent conflict hinted at until—both made offerings to God. Abel’s was accepted and found good, Cain’s lacking. Why? Because Cain didn’t put his best effort into it. He held back. […]

Smoke and Bones

Second Campaigner Challenge Traci Kenworth   I have decided to take Rache Harrie’s challenge and do a 200 word flash fiction piece with it based on the following prompt picture: Smoke and Bones The Iaeleter glanced at the bones, a gruesome twist to her lips. “Cremated,” she told my partner, Deid and I. Her gaze […]

The Stage

Clarita from Morquefile. The Stage Traci Kenworth   My hand closed on the curtain leading to the stage. This was it. The big moment. Before I’d been a part of the audience, this time, the devue had come for me. At fourteen, I’d longed for the year I’d be chosen. My chance to escape from […]

Still on Hiatus…

Still on hiatus… Traci Kenworth     Well, the betas are off! For those of you who don’t know what betas are, they’re readers who take on the challenge of reading over your manuscript before its published to catch any glaring errors/plot holes etc. They’re invaluable to a writer and I’m grateful for each and […]

The Three Faces of Death

The Three Faces of Death Traci Kenworth   That summer came in early, wet and stormy. I danced in a few puddles, and then cringed at the thought of someone seeing me out here, acting so childish. Seventeen wasn’t an age to veer from your course, otherwise, you could end up backtracked to Antarctica when […]

Settings for Horror

Settings for Horror Traci Kenworth   Settings for horror can happen anywhere. From basements to dining rooms, outdoors to in, present day to long ago. But you’re main concern here is what evokes terror for you? I’m talking: heart-pumping, sick to your stomach, ready to crawl through a narrow pipe to escape fear. It has […]