Fingerprints across the Pages

Fingerprints across the Pages Traci Kenworth   What makes us toil at a job that is often beyond the limelight, looked down at by others with their snide off-hand comments, and generally takes our all? Love, plain and simple. If we didn’t care about what we put down on that page, the stories we have […]

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters Par IV

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters IV Choosing Viewpoint   Okay, now we get down into whose “eyes” the story is told through. It should be the character with the most to lose. Is it Little Boy Blue hiding under the haystack? The Big Bad Wolf? Or Esmeralda? Sure, the villain has a lot […]

How to Breath Life into Your Characters III

How to Breathe Life in Your Characters Part III Background Info.   Now that you’ve gotten your characters’ names figured out as well as their descriptions, it’s time to move onto their backgrounds. For example, who are their parents? Where did they grow up, when is their birthday? The more detail you can put into […]

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters

How to Breathe Life into Your Characters Part 1: What is in a Name? Traci Kenworth   How do you go about naming your characters? Do you just close your eyes, dip your finger onto the page, and choose that one? Or do you meticulously search for one? In any case, the one you end […]

Writer At Work

Writer At Work Traci Kenworth   So what do our days really look like? Where do they take us? Well, for me, it begins after I get the kids off to school. About 7 a.m. if not sooner, I try to be at my computer. I do the email and boards thing first then settle […]

Why the Reverse Outline Works for Me.

Why the Reverse Outline Works for Me Traci Kenworth With the ending being the first idea I come up with, it gives me focus, a goal to work toward. And I don’t have to know what happens down to the every detail, just a shadow of what is to come works for me. I’m not […]

Why it’s Okay to Cry(alongside your characters)

Why it’s Okay to Cry(along with your Fictional Characters) Traci Kenworth Sometimes I admit it, when I get caught up in a scene: a goodbye, a successful rescue, a happy ending, tears rolls down my cheeks. We’ve all heard of how readers take our characters to heart but do writers do the same? Absolutely. I […]