Synopsis Stress

Synopsis Stress Traci Kenworth   It’s my least favorite part of querying: the dread synopsis, but I understand why they’re a necessity. It gives the agent a chance to see the broad-strokes of your novel. I start by going through my manuscript and writing a chapter-by-chapter summary. Four or five lines for each are good, […]

Five Things for Inspiration

Five Things for Inspiration Traci Kenworth   In no particular order of importance: Music. Whatever kind you like, play it soft, play it loud, anyway you want. Fantastic for inspiring stories, movie scripts, what have you. Books. Sometimes it’s a character, sometimes the setting, that bounces of the page and gives you a new idea […]

Halfway Mark

Halfway Mark Traci Kenworth   I’ve reached the halfway mark on my edits of SH. I’m hoping to have this manuscript ready before the agencies go on leave for the holidays. I want to at least, have my first choices looking it over. Editing is both a complicated and a joyful process for me. Complicated: […]

The World of Querying

The World of Querying Traci Kenworth   Well, I’m about to take off in that direction soon again. All I have to do is wrap my manuscript up and get it out to betas with a pretty bow included for luck (just kidding). Except for the luck part. We all know what it’s like to […]