Book Review: The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories

  Book Review: The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories selected by Tom Shippey   Traci Kenworth       Oxford University Press         1994       This book is full of some of the greats. I marvel at their worlds, their characters, the journeys taken. I’m only going to review a few stories, but I […]

Searching for a Car, a New Fridge, and other Life Details

Searching for a Car, a New Fridge and Other Life Details Traci Kenworth   Yeah, the big moment has come to decide whether to turn my old car in (a 2001 Dodge Neon with 123,000 miles on it) in for a new (er) one. I’m looking at local dealers and those farther away. I really […]

How to Choose Which Genre…

Choosing the Genre in Which to Write Traci Kenworth   I’m going to divert from “How to Breathe Life into Your Characters” this week to discuss what genre you should think of putting your book in. There’s so many to choose from, and different shades of each. You have your Science Fiction-Fantasy that breaks up […]