The Prayer of Jesus by Hank Hanegraaff Book Review

    Book Review: The Prayer of Jesus by Hank Hanegraaff   Traci L. Kenworth       Foreword by Lee Strobel        2001    Word Publishing, a unit of Thomas Nelson   Publishers   Secrets to real intimacy with God       Prayers can be powerful tools in our lives. For me, reading a […]


Book Review City of Fallen Angels by Cassandre Clare Traci Kenworth   The City Of Fallen Angels is Book Four in Cassandre Clare’s YA Supernatural: The Mortal Instruments series. We find Simon still a bit lost in who he is, what he’s meant to be in this world, do. Clary is still unsure of herself, […]

Eek, The Answer to Where I’d Go During Zombie Apocalypse

Eeek…The Answer to Where I’d Go During a Zombie Apocalypse(and Other Little Horrors) Traci Kenworth   Okay, so me and the ladies we’re talking a bit about what we’d do if zombies suddenly occupied the streets. For me, living out in Amish country, I’d be a little late to the news. And I couldn’t rely […]