Horror Reveal

Horror Reveal Traci Kenworth   Is it better to reveal the monster in the beginning all at once or to show glimpses as you go along? I prefer doing the snaps, the flashes that make the characters wonder: what’s out there? To tease the reader with your monster leads to a build-up that you must […]

The Monster Show

    The Monster Show   Traci Kenworth       Who didn’t go to a monster show at some point growing up? I remember sitting on the couch every Saturday when I was twelve or thirteen watching the local channel’s Scream Theater showing. Frankenstein’s monster, the she-devil, and BIG bugs reigned. Armed with a […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: Taken at Dusk: A Shadow Falls Novel by C.C. Hunter Traci Kenworth   St. Martin’s Press                                                          YA Supernatural fiction The 3rd book in the Shadow Falls series   Hook: They were here.   Kylie Galen is at the Shadow Falls office, about to meet the Brightons, the couple who adopted and raised her […]

A New Tag!!

Rosewood Pencil Box asked: 1. What flower do you most anticipate every spring? Wildflowers. 2. Which musician do you always go back to? The Eagles. 3. Do you use a rewards system when you write? Has that EVER worked for you? No. I just plant myself in the seat and get down to business. Sometimes […]

My Writing Journal

My Writing Journal Traci Kenworth   With the New Year at hand, I’ve decided to embark on some things I’ve thought about doing in the past, but didn’t get around to it. Yesterday, I pulled out my first book for reading in 2012 (although I read a hundred-and-fourteen last month), Anna Dressed in Blood by […]

The Stage

Clarita from Morquefile. The Stage Traci Kenworth   My hand closed on the curtain leading to the stage. This was it. The big moment. Before I’d been a part of the audience, this time, the devue had come for me. At fourteen, I’d longed for the year I’d be chosen. My chance to escape from […]

The Three Faces of Death

The Three Faces of Death Traci Kenworth   That summer came in early, wet and stormy. I danced in a few puddles, and then cringed at the thought of someone seeing me out here, acting so childish. Seventeen wasn’t an age to veer from your course, otherwise, you could end up backtracked to Antarctica when […]

Eek, The Answer to Where I’d Go During Zombie Apocalypse

Eeek…The Answer to Where I’d Go During a Zombie Apocalypse(and Other Little Horrors) Traci Kenworth   Okay, so me and the ladies we’re talking a bit about what we’d do if zombies suddenly occupied the streets. For me, living out in Amish country, I’d be a little late to the news. And I couldn’t rely […]

How to Choose Which Genre…

Choosing the Genre in Which to Write Traci Kenworth   I’m going to divert from “How to Breathe Life into Your Characters” this week to discuss what genre you should think of putting your book in. There’s so many to choose from, and different shades of each. You have your Science Fiction-Fantasy that breaks up […]

The Gaming Hall

  Photo credit jppi from morguefile. The Gaming Hall Traci Kenworth   I wasn’t supposed to be in here, to see what went on, but hey, when your sixteen rules are meant to be broken. Especially when it may attract attention from parents who act like you don’t exist anymore since the divorce. Not that […]