The Stage

Clarita from Morquefile. The Stage Traci Kenworth   My hand closed on the curtain leading to the stage. This was it. The big moment. Before I’d been a part of the audience, this time, the devue had come for me. At fourteen, I’d longed for the year I’d be chosen. My chance to escape from […]

When it’s Okay

When it’s Okay to be in Love with Your Writing & when it’s not Traci Kenworth   Okay, so you just know you’ve written the one. You’re trembling with excitement, on fire with ambition, ready to shoot past the stars. Hold on there. Have you ran your brilliant creation past your critique groups and beta […]

The Gaming Hall

  Photo credit jppi from morguefile. The Gaming Hall Traci Kenworth   I wasn’t supposed to be in here, to see what went on, but hey, when your sixteen rules are meant to be broken. Especially when it may attract attention from parents who act like you don’t exist anymore since the divorce. Not that […]

Writer At Work

Writer At Work Traci Kenworth   So what do our days really look like? Where do they take us? Well, for me, it begins after I get the kids off to school. About 7 a.m. if not sooner, I try to be at my computer. I do the email and boards thing first then settle […]

Ghost Cannons…

Ghost Cannons Traci Kenworth The billows of smoke stung my nostrils. So much for a summer to relax, I thought. Instead, I’d spend it here among old artifacts and forgotten memories. Talking to ghosts. And wishing for so much more. “Maggie,” Josh Winters sprinted to catch up. I slowed my pace, hoping I wouldn’t blush […]

Three Ways to Check Your Writing

Three Easy Ways to Check Your Writing Traci Kenworth 1. Critiques: This is the all important first step in getting your writing up to professional standards. Why? Because more eyes on the work means that a)you can improve it, b)you’ll have “tested the waters,” and c)you can improve it. Okay, so a and c are […]


Here it is phrase of the week again for the YAFF Muse Blog: A rock sailed through the broken window, catching a jagged piece of glass and spraying shards…. Birthplace Traci Kenworth A rock sailed through the broken window, catching a jagged piece of glass and spraying shards of the test tubes, Bunson burners, and […]

Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends Traci Kenworth I’m reading Girl From Mars by Tamara Bach. It’s not my usual type of book. It’s Contemporary and I’m more into fantasy/horror but it was on the list of The Best Books of 2010, so I thought I’d give it a try. Should finish it up today. I’m hoping by […]

The Violet Ball

The Violet Ball Traci Kenworth Just where the violet ball came from, nobody knew. It sat there, between the paws of one of the two Bengal Tigers, both of whom looked more white than orange-and-black. Hunter and I worked on the daystaff at the Bringmin Zoo. He grazed my elbow with his own and pointed […]


“The scent wafted through the cracked window, reminding (him/her/they/it) of….” This is something new for the Muse blog this week, working off a single sentence, so let’s see how this goes… Fanfares Traci Kenworth The scent wafted through the cracked window, reminding me of the day I came to be in this god-awful place. Once […]