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Writing Links in the 3s and 6…1/30/17


Writer’s Links in the 3s and 6…1/30/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Sometimes people don’t understand how difficult this writing job is.
  2. Where do you get your ideas? Ask Lovecraft, King, and Collins.
  3. How does religion affect your character? And more questions.



  1. Submit your final to avoid the agent losing objectivity.
  2. To be a good writer you have to read.



Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Ways to strengthen your writer.
  2. Have you used your super powers today?
  3. Give that bright, shiny idea love and care even when the going gets tough.



  1. Some things to avoid.
  2. Sounds like fun!



  1. What does a good historical require?
  2. Wagon trains of yesteryear.
  3. Letters from the trenches.



  1. Digitally resurrecting actors.
  2. The state of the weird 2017.
  3. Something I ran across and is great advice!



  1. The treacherous that is Iago.
  2. Have a listen.
  3. Do you keep track of all the words you write from novel to novel, short story, etc.?


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novellas/Comics:

  1. Trying to accomplish everything at once is hard to do. I try and crunch small moments of time for things. The most time I spend in the morning’s is a couple hours on my writing.
  2. A surprise twist.
  3. What could be going on with the lab results?



  1. Give this a look.
  2. A rock band.
  3. A father’s death…



  1. Bookbub marketing needs to change.
  2. It was the TV miniseries of Salem’s Lot my parents wouldn’t let me watch. I snuck down behind the couch and had nightmares for months. It didn’t deter me from Scream Theater though, lol.
  3. How to get speaking events.



  1. Versus the third.
  2. Know the rules. Know when to break them.
  3. Three archetypes to consider.
  4. What bringing two opposites together means.
  5. Do the worst first.
  6. Don’t count backstory out in your story.



  1. Take a listen.
  2. This is so beautiful! She does such lovely designs. I wish I didn’t come from the poor side.
  3. Some helpful hints.
  4. Do you have a hobby?
  5. A look at first time author, Gail Mitchell.
  6. How do you like your bread?
  7. Edit streams.
  8. FB rules for ads.
  9. Is it the question or the answer that is most important?
  10. Sometimes learning how to put the emotion into your writing takes years. I know it did me.
  11. Use more than the color to convey the eyes.
  12. Reports that print is doing better than Indie are not taking factors into account.
  13. Something I could use more of, lol.
  14. Going to dinner might make you blind, lol.
  15. Use specific nouns and verbs to avoid telling.
  16. My character finds herself thrust into this role without being ready or knowing how to do so.
  17. Do you pin your tweets?
  18. Do you need to do this?
  19. Check this out, Indies!
  20. Writer, beware!
  21. Will getting up earlier help you out?




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

23 thoughts on “Writing Links in the 3s and 6…1/30/17

  1. Thanks for sharing my article on Fiction University. I appreciate it! What’s one of the things you’re struggling with as a writer at the moment, Traci? I’d love to discuss it with you 🙂

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