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Writing Links…3/13/17

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Writing Links 3/13/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Isolation is a powerful thing. I have that in mind for a future series.
  2. Who are the charming gardeners in your life?
  3. That is your role, your gift.




Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. The four essentials.
  2. Several valuable lessons.
  3. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  4. Do you know what women’s fiction is?



  1. Remembering who you are in Christ.
  2. A way in to the industry?
  3. Nowadays, you need a solid plan for marketing to present to agents, editors, and publishers.
  4. Things not to send.



  1. The trenches are falling in.
  2. From farmer to entrepenaur.
  3. Old time dialogue.



  1. What the sad giant could do to turn around sales: give independent authors a chance.



  1. How to write three different kinds of bio.
  2. Is there a person that’s the hub of what’s going on in your area? Someone who connects with everyone and knows what’s happening?
  3. Do you include pets in your stories? Right now, my villain has a very evil and cruel one that reflects his master. It’s a cross between a snake and a porcupine. My heroes have their horses.
  4. Handy at the moment!
  5. A short mystery. Fantastic!
  6. The wrongly convicted.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. If we would only look at projects as challenges.
  2. Social expectations.
  3. Are you having trouble leaving reviews? In recent weeks, I haven’t been able to. Not sure if it’s because of the author problem or not. I’m not published yet but I haven’t had a problem until recently.
  5. What could be in the book?
  6. A Karma Inc. short.



  1. Brands that test on animals. Some of these, I had no idea. I’ve avoided certain tuna brands for years due to dolphins, I didn’t realize how widespread and big the name brands of those that do this are. I plan to change right away. Vashti’s right! Think of your pets. Would you want that life for them?
  6. Winter gales.



  1. Luminous. Ethereal.
  2. Does music tell a story associated with your book/s?
  3. Is having an editor an important thing for you or do you rely more on betas?
  4. Are you looking at the sales of your book like a bookseller would? Should you?
  5. Are you interested in your story becoming a movie? Once upon a time I was but since returning to writing, I’ve discovered that cinematic viewpoint I had has diminished as I’ve worked on the novels. I wouldn’t change that now though.
  6. The goddess Sequano.



  1. Focus on how to keep readers hooked.
  2. The days of Tod Ballard versus present.
  3. I don’t have one. Of course, life has taken me the long road on the way to writing in any case.
  4. Is all that backstory necessary?
  5. Set daily goals.
  6. Focus on finding readers who like books like yours. Don’t spam them. Engage with them.



  1. A bit of humor.
  2. Because we need even more.
  3. Valuable advice! If we could only learn from each other, think of what we could accomplish!
  4. All writing is compulsive. For me, too. Once an idea takes hold of me, I have to write it!
  5. Does our own interpretation match with what the writer was originally saying?
  6. Life is the project.
  7. Is a paid website in your future? I plan to in the future, but it may be a while.
  8. Some advice for tax time.
  9. Prime does have a lot of benefits with it. I would say, yes on that. Unlimited, on the other hand, is also a nice tool to have. You get a choice of ten books per month. It’s just so hard to keep up with all the other books coming my way and I want to review them all. I don’t want to disappoint the authors by not making time for them. It’s become something I need to seriously consider in the days ahead.
  10. Do you have to pay for anything? If so, don’t do it!
  11. The story of life on Earth is written along the human spine.
  13. Help Ingrid write her book!
  14. Do you need to map different islands for what you write? I write in three: historical romance, fantasy, and scary.
  15. Are your own ISBN’s the way to go? This is a question for all writers. Do you use the ones provided by Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.? Or do you buy your own?
  16. Doors of interest.
  17. Why you should keep writing even when you want to quit. There is always the possibility of things changing. The right story. The right time. Have confidence in yourself. You can do this!
  18. Do you believe women get special not equal treatment? I do have to agree with the author of this post. I think change will only come when we can look at another person and not judge them for their race, their sex, or where they come from or are going.
  19. Fighting cancer one story at a time.





I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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