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Writing Links 3/20/17


Writing Links…3/20/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. If it follows your rules, your reader will follow you anywhere.
  2. The inviting witch’s or demon’s lair. Scary thought.
  3. Designing your own castle.



  1. MG and YA.
  2. Check this out for next year.
  3. MG, YA, and NA.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Ways to catch luck.
  2. Writing villains.
  3. Infodumps?



  1. It’s a quick overview of the story.
  2. Checking your facts, especially those online.
  3. Working in steps. I do this. I start off writing first thing in the morning then I take a break to do some housecleaning. I go back and do some reading. In between, dropping and picking up my kids. In the evening, I try and squeeze some more reading in, do my prep for blog posts, and if I’m lucky, I get a little more writing time and working on future projects before I go to sleep. The weekends are pretty much the same, but I can take longer at each of these steps.
  4. Every writer hits this at some point.



  1. George Washington. The Tsar of Russia.
  2. How do you begin and when to stop.
  3. Trench repairs.



  1. Tips on a successful Facebook campaign.
  2. Eight remakes worth viewing.
  3. The Spirit of Place.



  1. Tips on what to do about doubt.
  2. A hard role to live with.
  3. Give us a character who may not be likeable but who you can’t help but be riveted by.
  4. Major changes present plot devices.
  5. Are your bookshelves organized? With the exception of the Stephen King and Dean Koontz shelves, not in my case.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. Some ideas on tying together a series or possible more books. I need to give this some thought. A single image to bind them all? Sorry, my love for LOTR got the best of me.
  2. A friend saved.
  3. Do we need more break-offs in genre?
  4. Fish and birds.
  5. The beast.
  6. What’s in the book?



  1. Mother nature throws a punch. She sure did this past week!
  3. Sunny day.
  4. The bee and the flower.
  5. The war is over, the fires damped.
  6. Big fears.



  1. Everything you need to know.
  2. Promoting your book on someone else’s special day.
  3. Are DRMs worth it? Probably not.
  4. A new way to track your books.
  5. Great advice for Indies! Try bundles! Go wide and long: print, audio, ebook. Write books that people want to read! Try Author Mysteries, sci-fi, romance etc. Joanna Penn. Jane Friedman. James Scott Bell and more!
  6. Staying positive despite fear.



  1. Spotting your little darlings.
  2. Make sure your descriptions are cleaned up.
  3. Five tips for pantsters.
  4. Film deals.
  5. Getting rid of unnecessary prose.
  6. Some fun.



  1. Not sure whether I discovered the point whether it’s bad in the long run? Doesn’t it get your story on the bestseller lists and bring readers to your next books? I guess you could make an argument for going wide or is it deep? Lol.
  2. Use social media to your advantage.
  3. A winning query.
  4. What made one Pitch wars story stand out for the mentors.
  5. What she discovered in the glass.
  6. Do you rush to get done?
  7. Secret?
  8. Do you choose how your day goes? I’ve probably done this myself. If something happens early in the day, I judge the rest by it.
  9. A tool beyond grammar and spell check.
  10. Three things that can make your writing soar.
  11. Agent, editor, writer.
  12. How to split one chapter into two.
  13. The history of flap books.
  14. Would you like to promote your book? Here’s where!
  15. Will our words one day be carried on by someone else? I think that would be an honor to inspire someone with something I wrote. I’m not talking complete copy but a phrase or two that takes us to another story.
  16. Road trips crammed in cars with siblings. Remember those days well. I remember when we went to this lake and found a bunch of arrowheads. That lake inspires my Lake Alopes in my WIP.
  17. Those shadow roads!
  18. Some links to check out!
  19. A place connected to Shakespeare?
  20. Links for other authors.


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I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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