Reading Links 4/11/17


Reading Links…4/11/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Second book in the Themsis series.
  2. Third book in the Penric and Desdemona series.
  3. Latest edition to the River of London series.
  4. The world’s best-selling, table-top game is now a series of novels.
  5. The fifth Tufa standalone novel.
  6. Her ship. His plan. Their survival.
  7. Cassidy is out for vengeance against the drug cartels.
  8. Marks the death throes of the Roman Empire in the west.



  1. Heartbeat of Wing Jones.
  2. A distinctly nerd-friendly flair to tale.
  3. Track may be the only way out for an angry kid.
  4. A magician’s apprentice and a one-winged princess fight mechanized monsters who threaten the faerie kingdom.
  5. Deals with some very mature issues.
  6. Gladiator girl series. The Valiant by Lesley Livingston.
  7. A boy and his dog launch his iPod into outer space.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. A Divers Bar novel: Chaser.
  2. Beauty and the Beast reversed and twisted.
  3. Body image, identity, gender, and relationships.
  4. To win her trust, he’ll have to surrender his heart.



  1. Some books for Easter—youth to adult.





  1. War has come to this sequel.
  2. Nine franchises that should be brought back as TV shows. How to survive a horror movie. Horror classics that never happened.
  3. Elements that are absolutely sickening but prose draws you in.
  4. What do Monsters Fear by Matt Hayward. Aletheia by J.S. Breukelarr. The autopsy of Jane Doe.
  5. Hunter being hunted. Female ex-military types who are also moms.
  6. Blizzard conditions, Noah’s Ark, and an ancient evil?
  7. Two elderly people in a tale of debauchery.



  1. After a female assassin, the Red Cobra, an operative is brought back from retirement.
  2. Checking out this excerpt from Mae Clair’s A Cold Tomorrow.
  3. The end of all things is coming.
  4. Amnesia took his past, the mob stole his wife, getting both back might cost Wainwright his life.
  5. B-Very Flat.
  6. It was the happiest day of her life. Little did she know it was her last.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novellas/Comics:

  1. Joe Hill’s The Heart-shaped Box and Laird Barron’s The Beautiful Things that Await us All.
  2. A powerhouse collection of weird fiction.
  3. Will O’Wisp.
  4. An edgy take on the private school drama.











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