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Writing 5/22/17


Writing Links…5/22/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Following your dreams. Don’t give up! It’s never too late! I wish I would have continued my dreams from eighteen but I set them aside till 2009. There has been a wealth of knowledge that has fallen into my hands with my research on the internet, talking to other authors, critiquing others work. My dream still has wings. So, do yours!
  2. The devil’s in the sensory details.
  3. Dissecting a story.



  1. This is something that has me thinking of the traditional route: teens prefer physical books to the e-books. Not that there isn’t a market for the e-books but the reality is that the audience the book is meant for might not be the one picking it up.
  2. What inspires him and an award for children’s book!
  3. Query and first page critiques.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. There are distinct differences between the romance and suspense novel.
  2. Micro time can become golden opportunities.
  3. Laurel Kerr.
  4. Good stories are all about characters and great characters take work.



  1. An idea for slow writers. Does this work? I’ve always had trouble with Dragon Naturally Speaking “getting my words.” Has anyone tried this? Tips?
  2. For everything there is a season.



  1. How long ago was the setting and is it told from a historical point of view?
  2. The beginning because without it, you don’t know what type of story will be possible.



  1. The Greater Weird.
  2. Twelve horror-themed restaurants.



  1. Targeting your one true reader. Do you do this? How many of one genre do you release before you switch to another genre and then a good number to go in-between each genre thereafter?
  2. Figuring out a title. I often have trouble with this. Witness, I’m the only one to choose: Dying to See You, lol.
  3. Do you take time to make your antagonist a complicated character?
  4. Watch your rights.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. Joe’s in a hard place.
  2. Puppy time!
  4. Tooth Fairy.



  1. What birthday cake will she bake?
  2. A lesson learned.
  4. Spider!
  5. Endangered species.
  6. True alchemists.



  1. Are Indie books considered unpublished material?
  2. Interested in this?
  3. Collages to inspire your story.
  4. Moving past the fear.
  5. Writing is hard. But the story is worth it, to me.
  6. Narrow your audience. Do you write for fans of Warcraft? Doctor Who?



  1. Get over worrying what someone else thinks of your writing. For now. Write without being afraid. I’m starting to do this. It has taken me a while to get to this point. I know I need others to critique for me and that I’ll need to work with editors, etc. but getting to the point where you feel confident in your work after being blasted by others in the past, is hard. It is doable.
  2. Roadblocks and goals and more.
  3. Crafting a series.
  4. Human emotions are universal.
  5. Watch your protagonist wants before page one.



  1. It’s important to clarify what you’re saying.
  2. Letters to the readers.
  3. War and its casualties.
  4. A look at past marriage life.
  5. A trip to the mall. Love the food court, but that’s just me. Anytime I don’t have to cook is a celebration. Not that I don’t like to cook, but days off are glorious!
  6. Story Empire links.
  8. I just started a trial of scrivener. Right now, I’m going through the tutorial. I hope to figure it out. Some seems like Office, so it doesn’t feel too intimidating.
  9. Keeping a dairy can help your objective.
  10. Why doctors don’t treat themselves or family.
  11. There is no one way to write a book.
  12. Can you identify?
  13. Writing is not a dependable income.




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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