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Writing Links 7/31/17


Writing Links…7/31/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Links for the week.
  2. A puzzle that you discover as the story evolves.
  3. Red warrior series.
  4. Just do a little bit. This works for me. If I can just get one sentence down, I let that sentence build till the next writing time and then I might only do a paragraph but often times more. And I’m good to go!
  6. Agreement reached.



  1. Back to the basics.
  2. Writing a companion novel.
  3. MG query.
  4. Loosely written for ages 8 to 12.
  5. Inspirations can come back years later to fit into a story.
  6. What part of writing do you find the easiest?


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Anyone headed to Orlando for RWA?
  2. Romance narratives.
  3. Four points of pacing.
  4. The Rubies at RWA.
  5. Personal conflicts needed.
  6. I was just a year-and-a-half into college. I’d always written stories but didn’t know I could do this as a career until said movie inspired me.



  1. A query’s journey to one agent from beginning to end.
  2. Pay attention to where God is directing you.
  3. Would you say that in real life? I try to avoid politics, etc. on social media. It’s not worth the bad feelings.
  4. Did you do your research?
  5. Reading to your children.
  6. Dive deep.



  1. English Civil War.
  2. History is about the untold story.
  3. $11.46 to send a letter from the West Coast to the East Coast back then. Wow!
  4. Who was Jane Drummond?



  1. Do you write vampires?
  2. Blood in the woods.
  3. Writing motivation.



  1. Ways to combat writer’s block. Also, it’s connection to depression. As I’ve said before, when I’m feeling no inspiration usually it’s because I’ve taken a wrong turn with my characters or I need to take a break and watch something or more importantly, READ. P.S. I don’t believe you have to write every day, but regular sessions do help.
  2. Topics to write about?
  3. What if tabloids got interested in sleuths?
  4. Can a secondary character take over a new series?
  5. Is the kindle-scout program worth it?
  6. I have projects waiting in the background but sometimes a new one wins out. I usually pray about it and go in the direction I feel led.


Short stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. She wept.
  2. Bloodthirsty blade.
  3. The audition.
  4. Queen Ivory.



  3. More fear.
  6. The escape from emotion.



  1. I have to say, I don’t agree book bloggers are dead or simply not reviewing like they used to. I suppose it would depend on the blogger, but there are plenty I know that review often. In my own case, I select from Netgalley and my own buys or those that I win in contests. I do sometimes get offered copies from authors or publishers for review as well.
  2. June submissions.
  3. Have you gotten your book into bookstores?
  4. Research and quotes. My first book, I did a lot of quotes and passages from books such as The Bible. Honestly, I wanted to imitate other authors I read who quoted from various books. Now, I tend to make my own quotes from a character or make-believe book.
  5. Reaching out. Talk to others. I find authors friendly and welcoming.



  1. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Things to listen for.
  3. Ways to introduce conflict.
  4. Those who have great power and lose it or and those who find power at great cost.
  5. Five steps.
  6. Emotional beats and more.



  1. I LOVE this! This is exactly what I feel I do. I start a dream in my sleep sometimes and then when I set down to write, it continues. Before I know it, the time is up and another day’s work is done.
  2. A powerful motivator in fiction (and life)!
  3. It’s not them or us. It’s us.
  4. Mistakes can teach us a lot.
  5. A look at what your money can get you.
  6. Beauty comes from leaving bad times behind.
  7. Percolating coffee.
  8. Street musicians.
  9. Two crosses.
  10. The most misunderstood of the ten genres in The Save the Cat series.
  11. A good husband.
  14. Beautiful flowers.
  15. You can’t force things.
  16. Links for the week.
  17. Independent? Team player? Can you be both?
  19. Problem words.




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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