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Writing Links 10/30/17


Writing Links…10/30/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Advice for gaming computers.
  2. Have you seen one?
  3. Links to the mystery folk.
  4. Henchmen characters.
  5. Chase!
  6. More Scrivener info.



  1. Celebrate Native American month.
  2. Interviews from Pitchwars.
  4. Do you fast-draft?
  5. Is NanoWriMo worth it?
  6. Writing a different perspective than your own.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Go back and change your facts. This makes sense.
  2. Using charts.
  3. Wild cards.
  4. Each season of life influences our character’s pov.
  5. The Wet Noodle Posse.
  6. The clothes make the person but it shouldn’t take over your story.



  1. Some advice.
  2. How to write a bio.
  3. Bad days.
  4. Partner with God before you begin writing. I’ve been trying this with Christian music as I write. I think I’ll do this as well.
  5. Print books going to digital. I like both. I read as many of both as I can. I wish there were more hours in the days for some.
  6. I’ve tried a fast draft, but they usually end up a mess and need a lot of revision. This time I’m pacing myself and it’s working better.



  1. The key is plausibility.
  2. Edward the III and Scotland.
  3. A threat to the church.
  4. Pen houses and later ones.
  5. The silent ones.
  6. Set in the first half of the golden age.



  2. A new vampire.
  3. Calls for Submission.
  4. A typical day.
  5. Book review.
  6. Horror was announced dead last year, this year, it’s making groundway.



  1. When will Amazon crack down on review trolls?
  2. Know your ingredients.
  3. Being part of the crime.
  4. Halloween murders. Not for faint-of-heart.
  5. History of Philadelphia.
  6. Trick or Treat blog hop. $100 prize.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  2. Nano technology.
  3. Where’d she go? Great story!
  4. Free promo and other news. If you’re a writer looking for a way to promote your book, you should consider Lisa Burton Radio. It does a great job of getting works out there. Another great promoter is Teri Polen at Teri Polen Books. I recommend both!
  5. Laundry beware, lol!
  6. Pulling out the wip.



  2. Becoming a mom.
  4. Wrong bed.



  1. The work that goes into a self-published book.
  2. Amazon vs. the world.
  3. Will there be a future for reading? I think so. Some generations don’t seem to read as much as others, sadly, but I have hope for the readers of tomorrow. Amazing things are happening!
  4. How to market literary fiction.
  5. Most retweetable words.
  6. I had no idea J.K. Rowling and Carrie Fisher suffered from bipolar. This gives me hope. I don’t adhere to a specific word count either. I simply let the words pour out and stop when I feel I can do so knowing that I can pick back up the next day. There are times I don’t write but the more often I do, the better I feel.



  1. Your inciting incident is what happens to propel your character into your core conflict.
  2. Use specific visual details to launch your scene.
  3. Use structure to understand story theory.
  4. We should be marketing books to themes, that’s how readers want to find them.
  5. It’s a secret between you and the page.
  6. Writer’s persevere!



  1. An effective ad is far more valuable than a much-noticed one.
  4. In an effort to avoid more paperwork, California has rescinded its autograph mandate for booksellers.
  5. I had to give up my KU, I simply didn’t have the time to read all the books. I know, my fault for thinking otherwise. I’d rather buy the book outright and read as I can. I think that’s fairer to the author.
  6. Earlier article on 10 things a wife should do.
  7. Archaic insults.
  8. I like: The drums silenced while the noose tightened around his neck. Less passive that way.
  9. Each obstacle is a lesson. I have to agree with this. Each time we fail, we learn a way to go around, and that takes us closer to our goal.
  11. Walking away is sometimes the best gift you can give yourself and your children.
  12. Book of success.
  13. Five o’clock mornings. Ergh, hate them myself. I much prefer, seven or eight, lol.
  14. Explore the ones that scare you the most.
  15. I think it’s to communicate your story to the best of your ability.
  16. Honeycake adapted from a traditional Jewish recipe.
  18. Week’s links.
  20. Are the rafflecopters worth it? I tend to avoid them as it gets to be irritating dealing with all the newsletters that arrive with them. I have enough email to sort through.
  21. Beware of Hollywood deals trying to steal your copyright!
  22. Writing does take the slow and steady pace. At least, for me.
  23. More on the Arthur legend.
  26. Should writers leave KU?




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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