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Writing Links…11/20/17


Writing Links…11/20/17

Traci Kenworth


Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/ Paranormal/SF:

  1. Sneak peek.
  2. Questions answered.
  3. More answers.
  4. Settings can be a character of their own.
  5. Son of the dark witch.



  1. Mapping your world.
  2. Answers with Susan Dennard Truthwitch.
  3. Book trailers.
  4. On the difference.
  5. Bullet lists in journals.
  6. Complicated family relationships.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Tips for the middle.
  2. The simple process of getting everything inside you onto the page.
  3. The star-catchers and lucky 13s.



  1. Don’t date your books.
  2. Tips to finish NanoWriMo.
  3. Flaws add interest.
  4. I believe we should all support one another. There are enough readers for everyone. If we encourage our readers to read another author, perhaps they’ll do the same and we’ll end up with a domino-effect.
  5. What if there was no money in writing? Would you still write?
  6. Do you read differently than you did years ago? I think I read more to study how stories are told and pick them apart and see what can help me.



  1. King Henry II and Lord Rhys.
  2. Based on a true story.
  3. The perspective of time.



  1. News in horror.
  2. Singing with all my Skin and Bone.
  3. The music behind the films.
  4. First pro sale.



  1. Slow writers are good writers too.
  2. What writers do.
  3. Writing while at OSU.
  4. Contribute reviews of crime fiction.
  5. Crime and the jewel trade.


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella:

  1. Catching up.
  2. The beginnings of a story?
  4. Interview with Wren.
  5. Jessi’s sunset.



  5. Everything big starts small.



  1. Tips on choosing those to work with.
  2. Working with local libraries.
  3. Question answered about Indie world.
  4. Let your reader motivate you.
  5. What’s going on in the Indie world.
  6. Some links.




  1. Choose the right words.
  2. Tips for websites.
  3. Give your character the impossible choice.
  4. Not all books make it. Sometimes you have to move on.
  5. Celebrate your progress.
  6. Sources of Friction. Necessary skills.



  1. Reading can enrich your life. A good book can lift your mood, make you have the strength to carry on. Or move you to think about what must be done if such an event played out.
  2. Insiders and outsiders.
  3. On being yourself on your blog. I’m glad that Craig Boyack suggested I write a little sentence or two to go with these links. I think they help bring “me” to the readers.
  4. In black and white.
  6. Strange happenings.
  7. Father/daughter time.
  8. Does travel inspire your writing?
  10. Goings on.
  11. Advice along the road.
  12. Beheaded saints.
  13. This week’s links.
  16. Keep taking the next step.
  17. Tips for Nano.
  18. A bit of everything.
  21. Advice for story organization.





I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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