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Reading Links…11/21/17


Reading Links…11/21/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. A unique story of Beauty & the Beast.
  2. Re-telling of Dorian Gray.
  3. The year is 2024. A virus has broken out in the UK.
  4. All her life, she’s been told she’s blind to reality—but what if she’s the only one who can truly see?
  5. Eden’s soul is balanced until her soul is bound to her enemy.
  6. Athson begins to question his decade-long predicament.
  7. Age-old tensions between vampires and werewolves come to head.
  8. The last king of Osten Ard.




Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love in Paris—unless one of you is leaving.
  2. Seasoned romance.
  3. Romance with a paranormal twist set in Canada.








  1. The perfect thing to round out the chilly autumn season.
  2. Dark, starkly violent.
  3. By turns, emotional, thrilling, and dread-inducing.
  4. A powerful hatred that will gleefully destroy what you hold dear.
  5. She thoughts she’d found a hippie paradise instead, she found a nightmare.



  1. The bullet in his head isn’t the problem. She is.
  2. A disillusioned cop who has sworn off women.
  3. A killer targeting blonde, blue-eyed twelve-year-old girls.
  4. Can the past heal the present?


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella:








  1. Advice on writing horror.



  1. On a journey to be the best superhero I could be, I discovered many people struggle with their own journey.
  2. Fate conspires to unite two protagonists while their faith separates them.




I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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