Seven Links

Snowball and Miss Prissy

Seven Links

Traci Kenworth


  1. “10 years ago to the day (as I’m writing this), I did more than decide I wanted to start a blog. I registered for my very own free account on, took a deep breath, and wrote my first-ever blog post.” I started my blog in 2009 as well. It’s been fun and rewarding and at times, challenging.
  2. “I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I’ve been publishing words on the same blog for over a decade. Starting out, I knew blogging would take commitment and constant motivation. But I just wasn’t sure if I had it in me until I decided to keep going.”
  3. “Way back in October, I was a guest on Annette Rochelle Aben’s podcast called ‘Tell Me a Story‘.  During the fun and festivities, it was pointed out that I talk about my characters as if they can walk into a room any minute.  This got me thinking about me as an author.  I can’t say this category falls into my process because it isn’t something that always leads to writing.  All I can say is that this is me and always has been.”
  4. Reality (AR) is probably best known from Pokemon GO, a popular game that had millions of players walking the streets staring at their phones, looking for elusive, virtual beasts. Since these beasts could appear pretty much anywhere, from the White House gym to hospital delivery rooms, this generated much publicity and blasted AR into the forefront of new technologies.”
  5. “Web design is about more than just looks; it’s also about function.”
  6. “A few weeks ago, I posted on this site about my annual reading plan, which usually guides ¼ to 1/3 of the 100 (or so) books I read each year. As often happens when I talk about my reading plan, several people asked, “How do you read so much?”” I read from several different areas: Netgalley, Kindle, KU, libraries, own buys, giveaways, and gifts. I always have a book or more with me.
  7. I fear character essence is an impossible concept to nail down in a precise and definitive way. *smile* But let’s take a closer look at three perspectives on character essence that can teach us more about our characters.”

Research & Fun Bits:

  1. “And that is what has to be remembered, like a recent reviewer said it is not about reading… it is about experiencing… experience leads to knowledge… is there anyone who seriously doubts that… why construct a world… why write a ritual drama… why…?” Always something to learn!
  3. “In Keith’s words. “Using this photo (below) as inspiration, write a short story, flash fiction, scene, poem; anything, really; even just a caption for the photograph. Either put it (or a link to it) in a comment or email it to me at before 6pm next Sunday (if you aren’t sure what the time is where I live, this link will tell you). If you post it on your own blog or site, a link to this page would be appreciated, but please do also mention it in a comment here.”
  4. “Love is”
  5. “You create a backlink when you add website links to external sites.”
  6. “Does enrichment speak to our dissatisfaction? Do we need to add to our food, our wealth and our lives because we want more? Perhaps, instead, we appreciate what enriching life has to offer — nutritious food for children, opportunities for world growth, and sunsets to make us pause and feel the beauty.”
  7. I used to do prompts with the muse stories in our YAFF group. I’ve recently started doing so again on the first Wed. of the month for Traci Kenworth and the third Wed. of the month for Loleta Abi. Please, check them out if you’re interested.

Book Reviews:

  1. “This is the second story in the Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series. Kiran seems like a normal middle school kid living in New Jersey, but she’s actually Princess Kiranmala, the daughter of the evil Serpent King in the Kingdom Beyond. Her adoptive parents have raised her in New Jersey to keep her safe from her evil father.”
  2. The first one was so awesome!
  3. “Book Bears is my library reading group.  These second and third graders read a book each month, and we have a discussion about the book.  We talk about everything.  Everything! Let me tell you, this group is terrific.  Everyone is different.  I sit back and watch as they talk and laugh.  The best part is that I’m included in the group.”  
  4. hundred years after the world was devastated by the bat fever virus, the UK is a country of agricultural communities where motherhood is seen as the ideal state for a woman, new beliefs have taken over from old religions, and the city of Blackthorn casts a threatening shadow over the north of England. Legacy travels back in time to link up with the characters from Tipping Point, Lindisfarne and UK2.
  5. “This book offers you a heart-warming story of two widowed retirees, hope, and a dog named Zelda.”

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